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A FREE communication tool for you to monitor and chat with your clients on your website, Facebook, Telegram and Viber.

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How many apps do you use
to keep in touch with your clients?

Jivo's all-in-one business messenger
allows you to communicate with clients by chat,
email, phone, and more.

All incoming and outgoing calls in one place

Jivo Business Phone lets you take and receive all your calls from one convenient app.

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Communication history

Call distribution

All-in-one app

Call reminders for your agents

Create a reminder for yourself or your colleague right from an open chat with a customer*

Any existing mobile or landline number can be activated to make outgoing calls with Jivo.
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A full-featured business phone system

Choose your new number from 50+ countries

Top up your call balance

Make and receive calls

Local and toll-free
numbers from
50+ countries

Professional voice
and IVR-menu


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An economical way to communicate with customers

All you pay for are your phone subscription fees and calls

  • Phone numbers
    from $1 per month
  • Call rates
    from $0.02 per minute

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24/7 customer support by phone, chat, and email

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Note: When receiving calls on your cell phone or landline, fees may be charged.

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